Thursday, May 22, 2008

Sri Narayani Peedam

Thirumalaikodi is a small village near vellore in South India. It is sorrounded by mountains and lush, scenic beauty. Thirumalaikodi is located 150km from chennai and is equidistant from the two other very well-known pligrimage towns of Thirupathi and Thiruvanamalai. Sri Sakthi Amma stays at Sri Narayani Peedam an institution located at the edge of a mountain named kailasha Giri.


The temple is located on a sprawling 100 acres of land and has been constructed by Vellore-based Sri Narayani Peetam, headed by spiritual leader Sri Sakthi Amma. The temple, covering 55,000 sq ft, has intricate carvings and sculptures in gold. The lighting is arranged in such a way that the temple glitters even during night.
About 400 goldsmiths and coppersmiths, including craftsmen from Tirumala - Tirupati Devasthanam, have completed the architectural marvel in gold in six years.

The approximate cost of the temple is Rs 600 crore. About 1.5 tonnes of Gold has been used in the construction of the Temple. According to official sources, the gold bars were purchased through Reserve Bank of India in "a transparent manner".The Money for the temple was collected in the form of donations from the devotees of Narayani peetam whose branches are all around the world. The consecration of the Temple was carried out on August 24th, 2007 in the presence of 30,000 devotees.

The Sripuram is the biggest structure made out of gold. It is bigger than the Golden temple in Amritsar.According to official sources the cost incurred in ripping of gold from the walls will more than buying it.Even the Sadari, a crown with feet of the lord engraved on it, is made of solid gold weighing 1 kg.

The outer pathway of the temple is made out in the shape of a Star. The walls of the pathway have inscriptions of teachings of Sakthi amma,Gita,Bible and Quran.People from all religions are allowed to enter the Site. All people have to go through the Star shaped pathway to reach the sanctum.The Inner praharam of the temple resembles the circular structure of the Parliament of India.