Saturday, June 28, 2008


Is it easy to get an Aerican visa? no, its not easy..... Because, now-a-days lakhs of people from Chennai and Hyderabad going to US for higher studies.... but how many of them get visa...its a big question? well according to 2007-08 year, the chief American Embassy David Hopper, said that, about 96,000 peopleapplied for visa including people from chennai and hyderabad, but only 75% of people got the visa. Why the rest of 25% people didnt get the visa? According to David Hopper, all the people applying for visa must have the correct proof and eveidence, they must not ask guidance from agencies and friends.

The process involved in getting visa:

> After the general checkup, the necessary application must be given.
> Next, the fingerprints of the applicant will be taken.
> After that, interview will be conducted by the US embassy in which, we have to give the reasaon or purpose for going to US and how we will manage our expense for the first year of study, etc...
> All the necessary documents and proof must be shown.


If any illelgal activities are noticed by the American authority due to fake proof and certificates, then it will not be possible fot rest of the life to get an American visa.

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