Monday, March 16, 2009

What Is Special In US, That IS Not Available In INDIA

India, is the second largest populated country in the world. As a very strong cultural and ethical background. Many great leaders from India have been a role models to many other countries. Many people from abroad comes to India for studying about our diversity and cultural values. Our country , India one of the oldest country in the world. We have plenty of natural resource, basic facilities.

Then why?
Then why?
Then why?

Students at this present generation, like to work in some other foreign countries, settle in other countries, tries to seek the higher eucation in some foreign countries espically in US rather than taking it in our great nation, India. Where does India lag compared to other foregin countries. What is so special in US , that attract indains to go to these countries.

I really dont know the reason. The reason may be of poor infrastructure, technonlogy were we lag comparing to other countries. But it is the duty of our citizen to improve our country in all aspects so that other country people to look at India something big that there country.

So, the tomorrow's pillars of our nation, please think. This is our nation, your great grandfather, your grandfather, your father have been succcesful in this nation by taking our nation in forward direction and given you all that required. why cant you provide that your family and nation rather than searching it in someother place.

please think it over. make our nation proud.
Jai Hind!